Chelsea win Champions LeagueLeague & Manchester City DepressionContinue

Chelsea Football Club has win
Champions League,
with a 1-0 win over Manchester City
remaining in the final game.
Chelsea have win for the second time in their history
Champions League, thank you
German teenager Kai Havertz scores
scored in the first half.
Coach Thomas Tuchel has for the third time in a while
beat Pep Guardiola and
Manchester City, and at the start of this match
shocked Timo Werner with two golden chances
got the first few minutes but delivered one
Ederson, the other stole his legs.
Kai Havertz in the 42nd minute of the first half
cut the ball to the goalkeeper and secured the net
Manchester City, that goal was the biggest
first scored in the Champions League
and the one that led Chelsea to victory.
Chelsea suffered a major blow in the first half
Thiago Silva has been ruled out with a hamstring injury
not behind Manchester City and they also in a minute
60 left Kevin de Bruyne with a hamstring injury
reached out to Antonio Rudiger.
Substitute Christian Pulisic lost
a great opportunity to make the game 2-0 in the half
later, they also missed out on golden opportunities
Manchester City in the 90th minute for 6 yards
There is a Chelsea goal that Dias got from the ball.
Pep Guardiola was widely blamed for the defeat
his team, because, he sat down
football midfielders
destroyers of Rodri and Bruno Fernandes,
And that was an opportunity for Chelsea
worked in midfield, she could not handle
but Kai Havertz.

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