“I’m disappointed he left RealMadrid, but life goes on

Karim Benzema has spoken out about Zinedine’s resignation
Zidane leaves Real Madrid after season
the team finished without a trophy.
Zidane ended his speech last week
for some time in his future, we Florentino
Perez handed over his decision to leave on time
the group wanted him to stay.
Striker Karim
Speaking at a press conference today, Benzema said:
asked about Zidane’s departure, and he admitted that he
very disappointed, because of the support he once had
gave and how he helped.
Benzema said: “Zizou is always mine
Lastly, he supported me and helped me
reach this level.
“I will thank him every day. Of course I am
disappointed that he is leaving Real, because
he was a good coach with many trophies
won. ”
Zidane’s personality was also praised,
He said: “When it comes to humanity,
he is the best man. I describe it
the word ‘excellent’. But it is as it is now,
Life goes on. ”
What’s next for Zidane and Real Madrid?
It is uncertain whether Zinedine Zidane, 48, will continue
will work in coaching, but it is understood
is that at this time he will go into rest.
He has previously been linked with a move to Juventus
sacked Andrea Pirlo, but the club
appoints Massimiliano Allegri as coach
Real Madrid have also been linked with a move for Mauricio
Pochettino reportedly informed PSG that he
leaving. There is also a list of Los teachers
The Blancos include Raul who is currently the club’s coach
Real Madrid youngsters in Castilla.

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