England beat RomaniaRashford ends embarrassing record51-year-old HendoAnd Lost a Record

The England national team ended the record
the sadness of having Romania and not the
won for 51 years, and we play
friendly in Middlesbrough
won 1-0.
England prepare for European Championship
Euro 2020 on Friday kicks off for the second time
and booked a friendship in Romania at its most
last to win during the Cup
World in the 1970s, and Marcus escaped
Rashford replaced it and saved that
the bad half-century record continues.
Riverside Stadium was built in 1995
England’s home of matches
friendly, and coach Gareth Southgate has
had a bad memory that was the last time
in Romania their rival was the Euro
In 2000 he came in as a substitute, but in his own country
beat 3-2, with Romania at the time
led by Gheorghe Hagi.
England got off to a flying start
special assessments were made on the most appropriate chart
Southgate to play in European Championships
and the first half was a disappointment
they could not create much danger.
Calvert-Lewin and Jadon Sancho double the iron
beat the first half, while Romania three times
almost put England in the net.
In the second half Southgate made changes
many, and when he returned to the stadium he
added Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson
made his first appearance in four months,
with injuries in early February
this year.
In the 68th minute, England were awarded a penalty kick
after Jack Grealish from the left
placed in a concentration camp as he passed Cpusa,
and Portuguese referee Tiago Martins
The match was refereed by a referee.
Marcus Rashford took the ball and scored
changed those records, and that goal was one
12th England goal and goal
fifth in the last six games.
RECORD: Marcus Rashford captained the game
became the seventh Manchester player
United’s first game as captain looga
set England to score.
In the 77th minute another penalty was awarded to England
after Chiriches accidentally grabbed his head
Grealish. The Romanian captain jumped on the bandwagon
Calvert-Lewin laid it down, and so on
second record set in England.
Disadvantage: Jordan Henderson was left on the record
to score to regain his confidence as
has been out of action for a long time, but fortunately
unfortunately he missed that goal with his
The ball was saved by Romanian goalkeeper Florin

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