Manchester United, PSG or Chelsea?Sergio Ramos’ clubAfter leaving Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos has ended 16 years of his career
playing for Real Madrid, which he played in 2005
joined Sevilla and has been very successful
Real Madrid have released a statement on
claims that Sergio Ramos will leave with the deal
was with him until the end of June,
He will leave Los Blancos on a free transfer.
Coach Carlo Ancelotti tried to convince him
Ramos to stay and they are together again
work at the Santiago Bernabeu, but Ramos
decided to leave the club and try out a team
another new.
Real Madrid have been in talks for a year
existed to sign a new contract, but
They were divided on two issues
how long he will sign and how much he will receive.
Los Blancos rules by players
over the age of 30 cannot be given once
contract for more than 12 months but when the contract
already signed and the season begins again
could be offered another year, she told him
Ramos that as in previous years he did
sign a one-year deal, but this player has
endured for at least two years together
given, which is contrary to group policy.
The second point of contention was that
Real Madrid told him to reduce his salary
10%, from Sergio Ramos
These two factors are believed to come from
ended the 16-year reign of Sergio Ramos
and Real Madrid.
Which team will Sergio Ramos go to?
In recent months, large groups have been involved
linked by Sergio Ramos, and is at the forefront
former Manchester United are also hoping to
get Raphael Varane who is also one year old
remaining on contract with Real Madrid.
Manchester United, according to the British media
that she had tried many times before to get Ramos
the last few years, but now
have a chance.
PSG are also looking to sign him
need experienced and leadership players to fill it
the position vacated by Thiago Silva a year ago
free transfer to PSG
Although Sergio Ramos has not yet commented
his future, yet these two teams are the ones
how to relate to it. But there is also competition
with his former club Sevilla
offered a five-year contract.

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