Love is not written in blood
No bone marrow transplant yet
No one has skin on their backs
Did it stick to my chest
White cheeks cut off
The word is not set
Unborn clot
Its color is dull
Removed from the artery
It has not yet been poured
Two mays danced
Like an animal coat
They did not share

Still two married
Good luck tomorrow and
Spread on the ground
Morning dew
The dew is white
Alone in the desert
Nothing is moving
No noise.

The real meeting
Dream dreams come true
They did not think it was an illusion
As they say
Several times they did not
Real language
Did he depart from his speech
Come on in, take a look
They did not say
Has the issue been resolved

A child born of interest
As a point they do not spell
Did you drop the speaker
Did they wet their clothes
Mercy did not sweat
With a sigh
Except for a dance
They have no ears
Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence
The thickness is missing
Die alone
After ten days
Tongues and lips
They did not find you

Two wins
It’s the equivalent
Then the shower
Long-term ambition
Dhudi did not sleep
The plot of the story
Everyone’s love trick
Past injuries
Didn’t get into his turn
Did you read the message
They did not give the information.

It was a love affair
Destroyed and set on fire
Charcoal rose from the ashes
They are not always full
They did not pull over
Events on purpose
Everyone’s general opinion
The other person
I looga fall
Did they hit you
They haven’t listened for a year

Didn’t it melt then?
She did not listen to the sun
As they moved
Without further ado
Behaviors and shyness
Dhaymana likes it
With them
The ground is open
The problem did not stop
Much closer
They did not dare
Easy to touch
Young people her way
Did they not listen?
Taste of salt
They did not keep an eye on him

They stood still
Everyone’s footsteps
Stand up on his side
A thousand nights is not long

The moth’s limbs
Got out of the ground
Prostitution in their bodies
Didn’t mess up the general building
Did I finish the meat
The roots are not damaged
I left the ligaments
The lower jaw did not fall off

It puts you in trouble
Or you criticize
Deceive your ways
Heart failure
They did not welcome you
They did not smile

Flower dance in the morning
Be kind
Red lips
Females and males
Two limbs intertwined
We did not exchange
They did not inherit
Eat the love cake
They tasted no more
Spoken word
They did not listen

Leave the moth alone
Did he hit the sand
Did you take it for granted
Reality splits
Both were not reborn
No other building came out
Didn’t make it surprising
Dudun long milk
Thick and large

Born with a smile today
People fall in winter
Didn’t dance during the day
Did I dance in the afternoon
Without overflowing
The real story
This big shadowy back
In it are two spirits
They are waiting for the truth

If not all
Or inherit
A house to be erected
Children and finances
Non-traditional family culture
The purpose of kisses
You’re a real spit fire
It’s too late
Satisfaction and then only
Or like hyenas
The meat of a girl’s ear
Higlo to hide
Disassemble quickly

Nobody is clapping
Fall into his trap
The tomb and the tomb
Honorable mention
Privacy left
False illusions
The injured community

In a loving way
I missed the longest
The closest honor
Or is something still missing

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