Italy drops out of EurosBelgium advance to semi-finals

Italy beat them 2-1
Belgium advanced to the Eighth round together
will hit Spain.
Two beautiful goals in the first half
were enough for Italy to attend
round eight, while Belgium had more chances
received only one penalty kick
at the end of the first part.
Leonardo Bonucci scored in the 13th minute
Italy, after pushing the ball to his chest,
passed by Thibaut Courtois, but when
The completed celebration was checked by VAR,
and that goal was eliminated.
Romelu Lukaku missed two fantastic chances
lost the first few minutes before the goal
The shock did not frighten Bonucci, but it did
he gave one to Donnarruma and the other to
outlined the goal.
The Italian national team celebrated the minute
31st, when he scored a beautiful goal
Nicola Borella defensively
split on the right side made Courtois
could not do.
This ball was developed by the player on the line
middle of Marco Verratti.
Lorenzo Insigne extended the lead
Italy in the 44th minute, we scored
beautiful and made the game 2-0.
With the spit at the end of his mouth he
Belgium set for a penalty shootout
much imported from Italy, but VAR from
checked and refuted their argument.
Romelu Lukaku converted the record.
The first half ended 2-1.
Belgium has established the second half, and
well handled in midfield where he
Lukaku put a lot of pressure on the defenders
using his powerful body and speed
Amazing opportunity to have the ball in space
set Lukaku’s surprise at the start of the episode
already wasted, and there are also opportunities
lost record player Jeremy Doku
brought and other stars.
The Italians in the second half focused on how to
guard the goal and he is also a guard
was Gianluigi Donnarumma, and the game was over
ended 2-1 in favor of Italy.
Italy have qualified for the semi-finals
The Spanish national team also came from the recorders in the evening
win Switzerland.

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