GENOCIDE: Roma crush 10-0Jose’s first team matchMourinho Manages

AS Roma is a great massacre
committed in Jose Mourinho’s first game
coached with a 10-0 victory.
Jose Mourinho arrives in town earlier this month
Rome, has been training in recent days
giving to his team, preparing for the season
new, and played their first game today
on Thursday.
The Italian team put on a genocidal smile
along, and scored ten goals in response
which provides good signals and
joy to be greeted by Roma fans
Jose Mourinho wants him back
revived the team and in recent years decreased
came with a great robbery.
Roma are not missing the top four
There has been a huge decline this season
will miss the Champions League in the same way
last year, but Mourinho is required to
next season bring the top spot.
A friendly match against the team this afternoon
the second tier of the Tuscans Montecatini Calio by Roma
committed genocide, and scored ten goals and
their net clean and off the field.
Spanish striker Borja Mayoral on loan
from Real Madrid scored three
one of those goals, while Nicolo Zaniola added
penalty before five other players each
no goals, while the tenth goal was self-scored
the host group.
The match took place at Roma’s coach’s stadium
Fulvio Berardini, was watched by fans
the way Jose Mourinho starts with the club and if
can show change, but he has shown something
more than they expected.
Carles Perez opened the scoring for Roma
added Gianluca Manini, Mayoral triple
scored, Riccardo Calafiori, Zaniola, Nicola Zalewski and
Amadou Diawara, while the tenth goal was scored
scored the goals scored by the players.
Roma will watch the next friendly
on television, she will play on Sunday
Ternana’s small team, and we’ll be looking at the results
from Jose Mourinho.

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